Telemedicine for HGH Therapy and Testosterone Therapy

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Ehormones MD Telemedicine!

Ready for a new you?

Set up a free and private consultation with our EhormonesMD experts today!

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is simply the practice of medicine by way of phone or video call communication, primarily used when in-person communication between doctor and patient is not possible or not recommended. The sheer importance of telemedicine cannot be overstated. By March 2020, when the United States began to see a significant uptick in coronavirus cases, telemedicine quickly became one of the most common methods for doctor and patients to communicate. It also became the most preferred method.

In fact, a Massachusetts General Hospital study showed that 62% of patients felt that telemedicine visits were more effective than in-person office visits. The most common reason provided…the telemedicine visit was more efficient when the patient did not have to expend travel time in addition to the typical waits experienced at the office. The second most common reason…the patient felt that the telemedicine experience was much more personal and detailed than an in-person office visit.

Does Ehormones MD offer Testosterone and/or HGH Therapy by Telemedicine?

The short answer…YES! Both federal and state governments have worked together with the FDA and DEA to relax the telemedicine laws, such that patients can now do simple Blood Work or an at-home saliva test. Within 2 to 3 days after the test is performed, the patient can speak with the doctor just 2 to 3 days later. The overwhelming majority of our competitors do not offer telemedicine because it is not an easy process for the provider to become licensed for telemedicine. First, the provider must have a DEA license. Then, he or she must maintain a license to practice telemedicine in the state in which the patient is living. And to top it all off, the doctor must also have a license to practice medicine in the respective state. This is not very common for other clinics, but Ehormones MD is able to practice telemedicine with patients in 35 of the 50 states. That said, if a patient prefers an in-person doctor visit, Ehormones MD has 34 local offices spanning the United States. Ehormones MD physicians take fantastic care of their patients, whether the appointment is telemedicine or in-office. For information about Ehormones MD and the telemedicine services, their main contact number is 800-658-8858. Prospective patients may also submit a webform on the website.

Telemedicine for Testosterone Replacement Therapy and HGH Therapy

After the consultation with the doctor, the pharmacy can overnight medications right to a patient’s front door. Patients can begin their new HGH Therapy and/or Testosterone Replacement Therapy regimen in less than 1 week after completing the at-home saliva test or blood work. Upon arrival of medications, the patient is directed to call the Ehormones MD corporate office to cover inventory and instructions with a member of their clinical services team.

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