How Do Human Growth Hormone Injections Affect Male Sex Drive?

The male sex drive has a reputation for being one of the fiercer forces of nature – but what happens when your libido starts to fizzle out? 

It’s not uncommon for men (especially those aged 40 and older) to struggle with decreased sex drive and sexual performance issues, and there are plenty of factors that can contribute to low libido. Unfortunately, there are many men that keep their sex drive problems a secret, and never realize that there are many safe and effective treatment options out there.

One of the treatments for low sex drive in men is HGH (human-grown hormone) therapy, typically administered as a series of injections. In this post, we’re giving you a crash course in HGH injections for men’s sex drive, covering all the basics including:

  • What is HGH therapy?
  • Why is HGH important for men’s sexuality?
  • What are the benefits of HGH therapy?
  • Can HGH therapy help sex drive issues?

Once you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to rev up your libido and kick your confidence into high gear, using the age management treatments that are right for you.

What are HGH injections?

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy, also called HGH injections, are a way to treat a deficiency of growth hormone. The injections contain a customized dose of HGH, tailored according to an individual’s specific needs and goals.

What is human growth hormone?

Growth hormone is naturally produced by your pituitary gland beginning before birth, playing an important role in physiological functions ranging from growth to sexual health. Usually, you hear about growth hormone as the key to helping children grow into adults; however, you still need HGH after you become an adult.

Some of the symptoms of low HGH levels include:

  • Constantly feeling tired
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Problems with sexual performance
  • A buildup of body fat, especially around the midsection
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Loss of muscle
  • Loss of strength and stamina
  • Changes in the cholesterol levels in the blood

Researchers are still learning about the exact nature of the connections between growth hormone and men’s sex drive, but studies show that HGH is linked to sexual function, desire, and performance. 

How are low HGH levels diagnosed?

If you have any of the symptoms of HGH deficiency, one of our hormone doctors can run a series of direct and indirect tests to assess your HGH levels. Using those lab reports, as well as conversations about your health history and symptoms, we can determine if you may be dealing with an HGH deficiency.

What causes low HGH?

There are many different causes of low HGH levels, including:

  • Age
  • Damage to the pituitary gland or hypothalamus (a part of the brain that helps control the pituitary gland)
  • Issues with blood supply to the pituitary gland
  • Cancer treatments
  • Genetic disorders (typically diagnosed in children)

How does HGH therapy work?

Essentially, the goal of HGH therapy is to fill any “gaps” in your body’s natural levels of human growth hormone. As your body returns to a more balanced hormonal state, you can look forward to regaining your energy, sex drive, and stamina – because now, your body has what it needs to function properly!

Does HGH Therapy Work for Increasing Sex Drive?

At Ehormones MD, we have had many patients report life-changing benefits from HGH therapy, including major improvements in their sexual desire and performance. 

And when you look at the scientific evidence, you can see why so many men are turning to HGH therapy for help with low sex drive. A 2021 study found that sexual dysfunction is very common in adults that were deficient in HGH, including the highly frustrating symptom that is erectile dysfunction (ED). The study also said that despite this, sexual issues are largely overlooked in the treatment of HGH deficiency – but at Ehormones MD, we’re working to change that.

Other benefits of HGH therapy backed by research include:

  • Fat loss, specifically in the waist area
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Better bone density 
  • Improved quality of life overall

Outside of the improvements that can be demonstrated by numerical data, there are many other potential advantages to starting HGH therapy. You can look forward to having more energy, better moods, and being able to shed the excess weight that’s been weighing on your self-confidence. And when you feel and look like the best version of yourself, an increase in sex drive and performance can often be a fantastic “side effect.”

Save Your Sex Life with HGH Therapy

Is your sex life suffering from a dramatic drop in libido or performance? Changes in your sex drive could be related to an imbalance of growth hormone, testosterone, or other hormones, which can be easily treated with HGH or TRT therapies from Ehormones MD.

Take your first step towards a better you when you contact Ehormones MD to schedule a consultation today!


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