The Reasons of Bubbly Gut

“Bubbly gut” might sound like a comical condition, but it’s a frustrating issue sometimes associated with HGH therapy. But despite what you may have heard, the bubbly gut isn’t an inevitable side effect of HGH treatments – and if you’re partnering with a hormone doctor for your HGH therapy, your risk of developing it is far lower.

We’ve put together a short and simple breakdown of the basics of bubble gut, so you can know exactly what it is, why it happens, and what you can do if you think you’re experiencing it.


What is Bubble Gut?

“Bubble gut,” also called “HGH gut,” “bubbly gut,” and even “‘roid gut,” is a condition known as Palumboism

The key sign of a bubble gut is an enlarged stomach area, creating the appearance of a bumpy, uneven gut. It is widely connected to the use of HGH, specifically by bodybuilders and other athletes who are abusing illegal substances with the goal of maximizing their muscle gains.

Its name comes from the first documented case study in the case of the famous 1990s bodybuilder, Dave Palumbo. He was charged with distributing illegal HGH (human growth hormone) to other athletes in 2004 and admitted to abusing HGH. 


What Causes Bubble Gut?

Before you put your HGH therapy plans on hold, it’s important to understand exactly what causes a bubbly gut. It’s a complex condition, and most experts agree that it most likely has a series of contributing factors. 

The most widely accepted cause of HGH gut comes down to three key factors: insulin, HGH supplementation, and diet. When an individual is supplementing with HGH and also using diet and insulin supplementation, it may stimulate the growth of the large intention. In combination with water retention in the stomach muscles, it leads to the trademark expansion of the upper abdomen. 

Here’s more information about how this trio appears to contribute to HGH gut:

  • Insulin supplementation: Often called insulin “stacking,” the practice of supplementing with insulin is popular among athletes that want to increase their muscle mass gains. However, these spikes in insulin can cause insulin resistance, a condition in which the body is unable to utilize insulin properly. One of the results of insulin resistance is a buildup of belly fat.
  • HGH supplementation: HGH is known to be an effective generator of muscle mass, which is why it is so often a favorite for bodybuilders. However, there is a large concentration of growth hormone receptors in the large intestine, which can contribute to the intestine’s undesired growth. Specifically, this tends to occur when an individual uses illegal HGH without doctor supervision.
  • Diet supplementation: Many strength-training athletes consume large amounts of carbohydrates to support muscle building. But because carbs are converted into glycogen, stored alongside the water in muscle cells, a high-carb diet can often lead to water retention, which contributes to a bubble gut.

The bottom line is that the bubble gut is most likely tied to a combination of all three factors above.


How to Avoid HGH Gut

So, if you’re undergoing HGH therapy, should you be worried about bubble gut? Not necessarily. 

HGH gut is not an inevitable side effect that you simply have to accept. It’s perfectly possible to gain lean muscle without endangering your health. There are key measures you can take to reduce your risk of bubble gut, such as:

  • Rely on the guidance and supervision of a licensed hormone doctor if you plan to undergo any form of hormone replacement therapy, including HGH therapy. HGH therapy is largely considered safe and effective when conducted under the care of a professional.
  • Avoid insulin stacking, which can contribute to HGH gut and increase your risk of other health conditions. 
  • Maintain a diet that aims for lower carb consumption, and practice intermittent fasting if you can safely do so (ask your doctor first). 


Choose Safe, Effective HGH Therapy to Support Your Goals

When you come to Ehormones MD for HGH therapy, you’re trusting the process to a team of experienced professionals, which is safer and smarter than attempting to supplement your routine at home alone. Our clients experience exceptional results from HGH therapy, with each one being provided with a tailored treatment plan that aligns with their needs and goals.

Learn more about how HGH therapy works for your wellness goals when you schedule a free consultation today!


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